Monday, November 24, 2008


OMG I was in heaven last night after i saw my alter egeo Alien Princess Rih Rih walk the red carpet last night on the AMA'S.

As you all know by know i am like in love with that five head bitch , she not only looked fab last night but her make up and shoe game was on point and that's why i gave her best dress female of the night.


Friday, November 21, 2008


SEXXY MOFO FOR THE WEEKEND - boy and girls the picture says it all, how can one man be so damm sexxy i would give my year salary a taste of the bush lol

WHY JANET WHY ???????????????

Can some one please tell me what the F--k Miss Jackson if your nasty sees in this ugly ass man seriously ? Is it just me or does he not look like he just cut one loose and is smelling it , his face is always screwed up damm u have money fix it ish .

Bump that shit all my Friends know when i come into some money or find me a rich sugar mama or daddy I'm so getting allot of work done, i know you really cant fix perfection like my self but i sure as hell going to try.

this is Janet and JD at the Opening of the Palm 's new hotel in Dubai

This is why 99.9% of gay men go to the GYM

This is why 99.9% of gay men go to the Gym , boys and girls i give you Manuel Uribe the worlds FATTEST MAN. Yep i was laughing my ass off until i found out his fat ass got married the other day, i was like what the fuck.

If some one could love all that , then why is my size -0 ass still single? I'm busting my ass at the gym paying crazy amount of money every fucking month , wait that's funny" busting my ass at the gym " lol any way like i was saying i do all that shit to look good in to days society and I'm still single ass fuck .

I am so starting to eat like star Jones on thanks giving before the surgery fuck that ish ,im not going to throw up any more lol

Every Fathers nightmare

This is every fathers worst nightmare , like what f--k is this shit Bobby Trendy and his gay ass walking the streets of Cali after a day of shopping .

I'm not hating you know what fuck that yes i am this is why gay men right here get bashed because of f--kin shit like this , we know your gay dude but damm must you walk around like this.

bobo the leopard skin tights lord where do i even begin

Why cant i be Ailen Princess RI RI

Why cant i be Alien Princess Ri Ri? like seriously i already have the huge ass five head trya thing going - damm did i just type that fuck.
Any way this is my fab obsession all Gucci up at the UNICEF Snowflake Lighting Ceremony in NYC .
There is no one out there that does it up like this bitch i love her so much i wish i was her lol yah i said it damm what i would not give for that dress in a size -0 and that coat i would wear the shit out of it with my pay less pumps